February   2020

March       2020


Fernando Gaona Maldonado

After years of walking and enjoying the mixed beautyful Colombian paths, a great interest on the flora, with a special empathy for the orchids, started emerging in me.

About the fauna, I amaze my self identifing birds, among them, the ones I admire the most, the humming birds, which gave the name to the Pindales project, that in Mapuche language means “ beautyful humming bird “.

Frogs, insects, mountain animals and the savannas or grass lands far away from the capital, are added to my discoveries. I have learned to see, and take the paths, climb to a mountain top, to a peak.

I have grown sharing with local people in small towns and hamlets. New scenery and spots, offering sounds, colors and lights appear before my eyes. Furthermore, now it fills me with joy, to be able to offer these experiences to whom is ready and willing to walk.

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